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Deadline is March 15, 2012!
Private Facilities, Commercial Facilities, and Places of Public Accommodations - Title III Private Facilities are classified under Title III and include places of Public Accommodation and Commercial Facilities.
These facilities include:

1. Hotels and Lodging
2. Fitness and Sports Clubs
3. Private Schools and Universities
4. Waterparks
5. Hospitals and Health Care Facilities

Who is NOT affected?

Residential housing such as private residences, apartment complexes, condos, or homeowner’s associations are NOT required to comply if they strictly limit the use of their facilities to residents and their guests.

However, if they do any of the following the ARE required to comply:

1. The pool or spa is open to the general public
2. They generate commerce or sell memberships
3. The facility received Federal funds
4. The pool is used for swimming competitions that are open to competitors from outside associations
5. The facility actively rents out their units when owners are absent using advertising, taking reservations over the phone, providing meals or housekeeping services

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