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All Star Pools Inc. is a proud member of :

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Aquatech is neither a franchise nor a corporate chain. It is, however, the Nation's #1 Society of Pool Building Professionals. Formed in 1962, Aquatech is comprised of over 120 pool building professionals, and over 100 retail store operators.

A National Organization. Aquatech is comprised of some of the nation's best pool companies. Pool builders do not join Aquatech; they apply for membership, and the screening process assures that each Aquatech pool builder meets the demanding standards, no matter where the pool builder is located. When dealing with an Aquatech professional, you donít have to worry about the experience factoróthatís a key selection criterion used by Aquatech.

Proven Customer Satisfaction. The primary goal of all Aquatech pool builders is customer satisfaction. Indicative of this fact that approximately 80% of all Aquatech customers come to us by referral. We have a reputation for quality, prompt construction practices and diligent attention even after the pool is built.

A Network of Experts. The Aquatech family of builders constantly provide one another up-to-date and in-depth information on new products and building techniques in the industry.

State-of-the-Art Design and Construction. Aquatech member builders regularly attend seminars that cover subjects ranging from retail and service to management and financial control. Aquatech has ongoing professional educational programs to develop each pool builderís capability in the overall planning process and to emphasize each memberís leadership role in customer service. 

Highest Quality Materials. All products and equipment used by Aquatech builders are of the highest quality available to pool owners today.

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